Exothermic Welding System

Exothermic welding is an innovative new way to connect two metals together. LegrandWeld Exothermic System uses the high temperature reaction of copper oxide and aluminum inside a semi-permanent graphite mould, to form electrical connections (mainly between copper and copper or copper and

No outside source of power or heat is needed when using the exothermic system. It is light and completely portable, making it ideal for field use. Creating an exothermic joint is a simple procedure which requires a mould, welding powder, handle clamp and various tools and cleaning accessories.

Typical Applications include:
• Sub Stations and Power Plants
• T&D Distribution Lines
• Rail Connections
• Telecommunications

Specifications and standards::
BS EN 62561-1

Legrand EXOTHERMIC WELDING SYSTEM include the below components and accessories:

  1. Moulds
  2. Graphite Moulds:
  3. LegrandWeld Powders
  4. Handle Clamps
  5. LegrandWeld Tool Kit
  6. LegrandWeld Tool Kit for Bar Connections
  7. LegrandWeld Tool Kit  for cable connections


  1. High current carring capacity
  2. High current surge resistance
  3. Sparkles connections
  4. Stable transition resistance
  5. High corrosion resistance
  6. Good mechanical parameters
  7. Quick connection time
  8. Light Weight (kg) equipment needed
  9. Can be used safely with minimum training
  10. Can be used for over 45 standard connection configurations.
  11. Completely portable
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