Legrand offers an extensive range of different conductors types, manufactured in both copper and aluminum. All conductors conform to British, European and world earthing and lightning protection standards. Copper can be supplied bare, tinned, PVC, LSOH and lead covered. Aluminum can be supplied bare or with PVC coating.

Standards and Specifications:
– BS EN 62561-2
– UL 96

The ratings of the below conductors are based upon the recommendations of BS 7430 with an initial conductor temperature of 300C and a maximum temperature of 2500C.

– Copper and Aluminum tapes
– Solid Circular Conductors
– Cables


  1. Manufactured to withstand physical damage
  2. Resists corrosive effects of local environment conditions
  3. Compatible with the material of other connected components
  4. Ease of installation
  5. Energy efficient
  6. Reduction of line loss
  7. Available in flat tape, solid circular and stranded forms
  8. Clean finish
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