Cable Trunking System

Legrand Cable Trunking System consists of:

  • Cable Trunking Type Straight
  • Cable Trunking Type Fitting

Cable Trunking available in single and multi-compartment options which is ideal for meeting the requirements of all types of installations and environments. 

General Specs:
2 lid fixing options – Die Cast Turnbuckle and screw fix
Sizes up to 300 x 300 as standard
3 meters standard lengths, other lengths are available upon request
Trunking Lengths and fittings in 1, 2, 3 compartment options
Smooth returns edges increases strength and rigidity
Hot dip pregalvanized – also available in HDGAM, stainless steel and powder coated options.

Specifications and standards::
BS4678 Part 1
BSEN 50085-1 2005
BSEN 50085-2 2006

Legrand Cable Trunking System offers a complete variation of steel trunking systems for surface electrical installations that are in compliance to BS4678 part 1. Today, it is imperative for electrical installations in school, offices, shops, laboratories, banks and etc. For which, the main goal is to have a safe cable trunking system.

Legrand trunking system offers the widest range of measurements with or without dividing straps, which permits choosing the most suitable model for any installation. A wide range of accessories and fittings are also available for easy installation and better finishing quality. Surface trunking can be wall mounted, suspended or brackets supported installation.

Special sizes, material and combinations can be supplied upon request.

  1. Trunking Straight / 3 compartments
  2. fitting to fitting adapter
  3. Standard connector
  4. Flange (Trunk to Junction Box)
  5. Horizontal Tee
  6. 90 degrees inside vertical elbow
  7. 90 degrees outside vertical elbow
  8. 90 degrees horizontal elbow
  9. Vertical tee down
  10. Trunking straight / 2 compartment
  11. Straight reducer
  12. Gusset – Vertical Tee – UP
  13. Gusset – 90 degrees Vertical Out
  14. Cross Offset
  15. Horizontal Cross
  16. Gusset – 90 degrees Vertical In
  17. Blind End
  18. Gusset – 90 degrees Horizontal elbow
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