Cable Lugs

Cable lugs, connectors and cable terminations are of  the most important products in LEGRAND SEICO range of cable management systems, since, they were designed, engineered, developed and certified according to high quality international standards and specifications, in order to excel by having the best quality and reliability in all application which covers the power and water generation sectors, substations and control panels, industrial projects, oil and gas fields, petrochemical and lot of other various sectors which needs such high quality products.

Legrand offers several types of Cable Lugs that suit various applications:

  • Compression Cable Lugs
  • Compression Cable Lugs – Heavy Duty
  • Compression Cable Lugs – Long Barrel
  • Compression Cable Lugs – With Two Holes
  • Compression Cable Lugs – For Transformers
  • Compression Cable Lugs Aluminum
  • Compression Cable Lugs Aluminum – Long Barrel
  • Compression Joints Aluminum
  • Compression Joints – Standard Barrel
  • Mechanical Cable Lugs
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