Cable Ladder System

Legrand Cable Ladder System consists of:

  • Cable Ladder Welded Type
  • Welded Type Straight Ladder
  • Welded Type Fittings
  • Cable Ladder Swaged Type
  • Swaged Type Straight Ladder
  • Swaged Type Fittings
  • Cable Ladder Covers
  • Cable Ladder Accessories
  • Cable Ladder Technical Specifications

Offer Types:
Inside and Outside facing side rails.
Cable Ladder with “C” Rung type welded to side rail
Cable Ladder with Tubular Rung Swaged Type

Legrand Cable Ladders are Available in:
Steel Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication (HGDAF)
Extruded Aluminum Alloy
Stainless steel 304/316

Hot Dip Galvanized
Epoxy powder coated after hot dip galvanizing
Aluminum mill finish
Stainless steel mill finish

Specifications and standards::
BS EN ISO 1461:1999
NEMA VE-1 and BS-EN 61537
ASTM A123, A-36

Legrand Channel Welded System consists of top stiffened flange side rails which could be from inside to outside. Two side members are attached by channel rung profile through Welding.

Outside flange installation provides wider space than inside flange. In return, inside flange is more rigid.

  1. Cable Ladder Straight
  2. 90 degrees inside vertical elbow
  3. 90 degrees outside vertical elbow
  4. 90 degrees horizontal elbow
  5. Vertical tee
  6. 90 degrees Vertical cable support elbow
  7. Horizontal tee
  8. Horizontal cross
  9. Straight reducer
  10. Universal connector
  11. “Y” Branch
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