Cable Glands

How to Order Cable Glands?

  1. Specify the cable type (Armour, Unarmour, Screen, Braided).
    a) If the cable is armoured, specify the type of armouring (Steel Wire, Steel Tape, Braid, etc.)
    b) If the cable is screened then specify the type (Copper Wire, Copper Tape, etc.)
  2. Select the group of glands which comply with the demanded specs from the table.
  3. Select the required gland by reviewing the table for the application and location to be used.
  4. Once you select the gland type identify the part number then you move to the relevant page in this catalogue where more details about the cable to be provided like (over all diameter, under jacket diameter, under armour diameter) in order to choose the proper gland size.
  5. In case additional accessories are needed to be used with the cable gland, kindly see relative pages for gland accessories.
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